Here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help maximize your use of LACE.

Who can use LACE to promote events?

Anyone can add events to this calendar. Businesses, not-for-profit organizations and community members can all use LACE to promote the events that they are organizing.

Who created LACE?

LACE was created by the Literacy Outreach Coordinator (LOC). This position is hosted by the Lillooet Area Library Association. The LOC position is funded by Decoda Literacy Solutions.

Why was LACE created?

Many groups and individuals had expressed the need for a central source that would gather all the information about the events taking place in the Lillooet area into one place, making it easier for residents and tourists to find out what is happening. The Lillooet Library mandated the Literacy Outreach Coordinator to make this a reality.

What is our vision for LACE?

LACE will boost community engagement, help small businesses reach more people and allow for better coordination between event planners.
LACE will cultivate Lillooet as a thriving, active community with fun events and things to do for everyone.

What types of events can be posted to LACE?

Classes, tournaments, Pow Wows, soup kitchen meals, reunions, fundraisers, concerts, wine tastings, garage sales… you name it! If it’s taking place in the Lillooet area and complies with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it belongs on LACE. All events go through a vetting process before being posted to the calendar.

How does LACE work?

When you scroll down the calendar’s home page, you will first find the Featured Events carousel. There is a $5 fee to have an event featured in this section of the website. Below the featured events, you will find the community calendar. Anyone can post an event by clicking on the “submit event” button situated right above the calendar.

How can I search for a particular event?

Use the filters situated right above the calendar to find a specific type of event. Unfortunately, you cannot use key words to search for a specific event, but if you know the location or the type of event you’re looking for, the filters will help narrow your search.

Do I need a credit card to pay for my featured listing?

No you do not. If you would like to arrange for another payment method, please contact us.

I do not have access to a computer. How can I still benefit from LACE?

LACE is now available on the Lillooet Community Kiosk, situated at the entrance to Lillooet Buy-Low Foods. This kiosk is accessible at all times and is free to use. That means that every time you do your groceries, you can also find out what’s happening in Lillooet!

What if my business or organization already has a calendar?

The calendar software we use makes it easy to feed directly from one calendar to another. Contact us to arrange to have your events automatically pulled from your calendar and added to LACE.

What if I want the calendar to appear on my website?

LACE can be embedded into other websites easily and you can use pre-selected filters to display only certain events on your website. For instance, if you run a business that hosts events regularly, you could choose to display only the events that are taking place at your business. Every time you made a change on LACE, the calendar on your website would be automatically updated.

The calendar doesn’t seem to work on my phone or computer. What should I do?

The calendar isn’t compatible with some web browsers. Try using Chrome or Firefox.

I want my staff to start using the calendar, do you offer training?

We are more than happy to provide training. Contact us to arrange a session.

Can I pre-pay for multiple featured listings?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so. If you plan on purchasing features listings multiple times every year, you can pre-pay for multiple listings, thus saving you from having to reach for your wallet every time you post. Please contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

Can I post an event myself?

Yes, you can post events yourself by clicking on the “submit event” button. You will have to create a username and password, and fill out a form with your event’s information. You’ll also be asked to choose one or more category, cost, type, and audience filters. These filters will help people find your event more easily. Don’t forget to upload an image! Images help grab the public’s attention when they are searching the calendar. If you would like your event to be featured in the events carousel at the top of the website, you will have to select the Featured Community Event product at the bottom of the form and use your credit card to pay the $5 fee.


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